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The author Bobo Doley a.k.a. Pradeep Doley Barman is from Guwahati, Assam and presently resides in New Delhi where he is pursuing a Masters degree in environment and development in Ambedkar University. He is also a graduate of political science from Ramjas college of Delhi university after passing out from Army public school Narangi in guwahati Assam. Apart from writing, he indulges in plenty of other interests which he justifies as stimulants for his soul. He is a part of a project band called the Skrappack Project currently based in Shillong, Meghalaya, where he plays the bass, the guitar and writes songs. They have released two songs in the last eleven months. He also is big fan of the growing sport of mixed martial arts and has been a martial artist since he was a child. He holds a pro record of 4 wins and no losses as a MMA practitioner and holds many medals in amateur muay thai and wushu. He is an avid dog lover and has 10 dogs some of which are rescues. The author enjoys art work and loves reading comics and playing video games in his free time, stating Alan Moore as one of his major influences growing up.

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A Tale of the War Within

The protagonist of the book is Jack who like every young adult has plenty of struggles to deal with along with a certain apprehension he has for “the men in white” as he calls them. He is in love with the Dominique who according to him is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen with an almost sad and ugly one sided love affair with a narcissistic knight in shining armour. He has a vague remembrance of a comfortable woman in yellow that keeps making her way back to his subconscious making him want to scratch the itch the big wall enveloping the memory provides. What does the big wall hide? Who are the men in white? Does he find a way to Dominique’s heart rescuing her from the pain the Knight provides? Will he finally figure out who the woman in yellow is?

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A Tale of the War Within

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